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Humans • Dogs • Harmony

Skye Poitras, owner and trainer of Skye's Dog Training, is a Certified Behavior Consultant - Canine (CBCC-KA) and also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Skye loves working with clients and their dogs to help them develop a harmonious relationship based on trust and respect through humane and effective training.

Skye uses positive reinforcement training methods which utilize science-based methodology to reward behaviors. The most successful modern training theories suggest that positive reinforcement is the most effective way to train any species. Consistent rules and boundaries are also important for successful training and are incorporated in all of Skye's training programs.

Training and problem solving succeed when there is a mutual respect and understanding between people and their dogs. My training techniques are dog-friendly, humane and effective.

Skye Poitras

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Skye Poitras is more than a dog trainer. Skye is a friend to every family; she supports each dog and its individual needs. Skye works with the family to create realistic training plans to follow by using reward-based motivational training.

Happy Clients

June was initially scared of the dog door - but now she loves going outside on her own. Thank you Skye!

  • Garrett
  • June

Hammy was anxious and barking when people would come over to the house. With Skye's help, Hammy now loves being around friends and family.

  • Cody
  • Hammy

She is so awesome, she has everything you need. Her classes are as much for you as the dog. She teaches nutrition, body language, and helps resolve unwanted behaviors. I seriously cannot recommend her enough!

  • Cali
  • Shaa

Great class, Cloey loved it, Skye is a great trainer.

  • Debra
  • Cloey